Annual Report

On track in 2018

You can download the full report via this link:
Proviron Annual Report 2018 (pdf)

2018 involved some significant challenges; however, Proviron anticipated these and stayed on track. Our employees’ skills and dedication ensured that service provided to customers remained consistently top of the line. They accomplished this despite the fact that various raw materials were either in short supply or difficult to obtain. The company’s margins were put under significant pressure due to the high cost of raw materials. We continued to invest in new products in the areas of animal health, plasticisers, algae and de/antiicing. Moreover, we expanded our sales team in Asia to speed up the marketing of our algae products in the aquaculture sector.

Quality and safety
The quality of our deliveries was a key point of focus, which led to overwhelming satisfaction on the part of our customers. We also scored well in terms of safety with a minimum occurrence of incidents, which will naturally be entirely preventable in future. In addition, we are renovating the Ostend offices to create a more pleasant working environment.

Strategic approach
Under the impetus of the updated Board of Directors, we carried out a strategic exercise which resulted in the presentation of our five-year plan. This means that we are even better equipped to face the future, one which is sure to entail new opportunities. We will continue profiling ourselves internationally, so that Proviron becomes a well-established player on the global scene.

Leo Michiels
Chairman of the Board